All-Day Energy: 100 Ways to Boost Your Energy … Now!

This book delivers motivation and tools to power up your life. Each energizing idea is easy to follow, inexpensive, and insightful. Open this book to: • Start moving – at first, just 5 minutes a day – and smiling as you feel more alive • Learn secrets for dining out you’ll wish you knew years ago • Discover a plan to help you finally get some sleep • Eliminate metal habits making you less focused • Focus on single-tasking even when you are “crazy” busy • Find the best foods for reducing fatigue, including many zero-calorie foods that don’t taste like cardboard Feel sharp, increase clarity, and create vitality using individual strategies as a daily inspiration, or read the book from cover to cover, right away, for a total recharge. Health and wellness educator Syd Hoffman has researched and successfully tested each idea with real people just like you. If you experience fatigue during the day, or want to boost the energy you already enjoy, this book is for you. Add more zip to your step … today!