This Undeserved Life: Uncovering the Gifts of Grief and Fullness of Life

Can I be wrecked by grief and still trust God? Have the walls of your life ever unexpectedly shattered, but you didn’t feel you were allowed to acknowledge pain? In her memoir, Natalie honestly shares her story of endometriosis and miscarriage, church trauma and abuse, transracially adopting while pregnant, and birth trauma. But this story is so much more than her story: this is your story. Regardless of the details of your story, Natalie confronts the question: how do you follow Jesus in the midst of suffering and loss?Natalie charges straight into the ugliness of suffering and the scandalous grace of the cross.This book will invite you into grieving loss in honest ways. You will uncover brokenness is not a part of God’s plan, you are not faithless if you choose to give loss the space it demands, and you are not petty if you offer sorrow a voice.May these pages offer a voice to the unseen aches in your soul. BONUSES INCLUDE: -Grief guide workbook: a revised version of Wholeness Despite the Brokenness-Further reading and resources for adoption and racial bridge building